This site is set in Optima and powered by Blot because I love Markdown, static site generators, real time updating, and the incisive snarkiness of its philosophy.


v2.0 | Jan 2021

Screenshot of Fish v2

Screenshot of homepage v2

Surprising absolutely nobody, I have taken the entire blog off its old URL and off of Hugo to go onto Blot instead. This time, I’m trying to consolidate both my professional and art web presence into a coherent whole (still unclear if this is a good idea); I’m also trying to make it easier to update the site as and when I need; Blot provides good support for the editing of templates and I enjoy the near-instantaneous change in content without having to push anything or fiddle with Git. Before this version, I tinkered with Gatsby but threw my hands up at how long it took to render one site.

v1.0 | Aug 2020

Screenshot of Fish v1

Screenshot of homepage v1

Running this site off Hugo on the Call me Sam theme and trying my darndest best to learn How To Do Front End. Have come a long way from coding blogskins in my preteen years and I am so much more easily confused by the file structures these days, despite the relative ease of Markdown and Hugo.

I’ve taken about a month of on-and-off tinkering to put this together. Figured out how to hide links, set up structures, edit SASS files. There’s a lot I still don’t know! I couldn’t write a Hugo template from scratch and I think I should learn eventually. I’d like to update the illustrations gallery and eventually host more complex projects.

The only really complete page at the moment is Looking, which mainly links to work I very much love. And that is okay! The learning is in the doing. I spent five hours learning to push to Git and resolving deployment and domain issues, which is five more hours than I ever have.